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About Us

Ka ng’e ng’e ng’e ng’e ng’e, vroom, vroo-vroom! That, is the sound of a transportation machine called a car. At the push of the button or clockwise turning of the key in the ignition, people rely on their vehicles to perform as expected – nothing less will do.

Owning a car means different things to different people. Cars provide more than just convenience and/or utility. An automobile is a symbol of freedom, fun, and self-expression. Whatever your unique individual reasons for owning a car, at Sned Auto we believe that every motorist deserves mobility from their car.

We are here to help you get from where you are to where you want to go. At night, we dream of how to make transportation more reliable and enjoyable. In the morning, we imagine the magnificent experience and delight people get from a reliable car. Sunrise and sunset are some of the most elegant sceneries to see through the windscreen of a car in motion. 

At Sned Auto, we supply industry-certified car parts. We do not look through a crystal ball and wish you a safe journey, we provide you with car parts that will make sure you stay on the road.